If you are looking for jobs in startups, take a look at these fast-growing companies based in Los Angeles, California. Some are hiring remotely 🌍

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1. Open Raven

Founded: 2019
Description: Open Raven is the modern data security platform that brings visibility and control to an organization’s data protection program.
Last Funding: $15M Series A
Careers Page: https://jobs.lever.co/dispo

2. Dispo

Founded: 2020
Description: Dispo is a photo-sharing app designed to simulate the experience of using a disposable camera from the comfort of mobile phones.
Last Funding: $4M Seed
Careers Page: https://www.openraven.com/careers

3. Brace

Founded: 2017
Description: Brace is built on the idea that there must be a more transparent and efficient way to service borrowers in times of need and hardship.
Last Funding: $15.7M Series B
Careers Page: https://brace.ai/careers/

4. Nacelle

Founded: 2019
Description: With Nacelle, retailers can leverage true headless functionality using their existing tech stack, without risky or lengthy backend data migrations.
Last Funding: $18M Series A
Careers Page: https://getnacelle.com/careers

5. Orca Security

Founded: 2019
Description: Orca Security provides cloud-wide, workload-deep security and compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP.
Last Funding: $55M Series B
Careers Page: https://orca.security/careers/

6. Airvet

Founded: 2018
Description: PAirVet is the first telehealth platform designed to offer pet parents continuity of care.
Last Funding: $14M Series A
Careers Page: https://airvet.com/careers/

7. Stackin'​

Founded: 2017
Description: Stackin’ is the simplest entry point into finance that helps people improve their finances via text messaging.
Last Funding: $12.6M Series B
Careers Page: https://stackin.com/careers

8. Mira

Founded: 2016
Description: Hands-free AR hardware & software solutions to transform the productivity and safety of the global distributed workforce.
Last Funding: $10M Seed
Careers Page: http://careers.mirareality.com/

9. Brainbase

Founded: 2016
Description: Brainbase is a platform that helps brands manage and monetize their intellectual property.
Last Funding: $8M Series A
Careers Page: https://www.brainbase.com/careers

10. Elementary Robotics

Founded: 2017
Description: Transforming manufacturing & logistics with intelligent automation and visual AI for quality assurance and traceability.
Last Funding: $12.7M Series A
Careers Page: https://www.elementaryrobotics.com/about

11. Emotive

Founded: 2018
Description: Emotive enables eCommerce businesses to scale 1:1 relationships through conversational text messaging
Last Funding: $5.5M Series A
Careers Page: https://emotive.io/careers