If you are looking for jobs in startups, take a look at these fast-growing companies based in Portugal. Some are hiring remotely 🌍

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1. Unbabel

Founded: 2013
Description: Unbabel enables modern enterprises to serve customers in their native languages, with always-on, scalable translation across digital channels.
Last Funding: €60M Series C
Careers Page: https://unbabel.com/careers/

2. ProdSmart

Founded: 2012
Description: Prodsmart helps manufacturers and fabricators to go paperless and track and trace their production with mobileand Industrial IoT
Last Funding: €2.3M Seed
Careers Page: https://prodsmart.com/jobs/

3. Infraspeak

Founded: 2015
Description: Infraspeak is an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform that brings your entire operation together.
Last Funding: €3M Seed
Careers Page: https://careers.infraspeak.com/

4. Eneida

Founded: 2012
Description: Eneida is making the local Low Voltage grid more resilient and agile for the DSO teams that care for it.
Last Funding: €4.4M Series A
Careers Page: https://www.eneida.io/about-us/

5. Swogo

Founded: 2012
Description: Swogo powers bundle recommendations for the world's most successful retailers to increase their margin.
Last Funding: –
Careers Page: https://swogo.bamboohr.com/jobs/

6. proGrow

Founded: 2014
Description: proGrow provides continuous improvement in the digital era, by giving the ability to everyone to turn their "red"​ results into "green"​ ones.
Last Funding: €2M Seed
Careers Page: https://www.progrow.io/pt/sobrenos/quemsomos

7. Platforme

Founded: 2016
Description: PlatformE is powering at scale mass customization, on-demand manufacturing, and digital collections across industries.
Last Funding: $12M Series B
Careers Page: https://platforme.breezy.hr/

8. Codacy

Founded: 2012
Description: Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps identify issues through static code analysis.
Last Funding: $7.7M Series Unknown
Careers Page: https://www.codacy.com/careers