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With a solid track record of over ten years in the tech industry, my focus is on creating meaningful customer-brand interactions.

My approach is strategic and thoughtful, centered on building customer experiences that are genuinely valuable – turning every interaction into an opportunity for growth and connection.

A few career highlights:

⚡️ Innovative Solutions: Spearheaded a self-service model at Loom, reducing contact rates by 175% within two years, leading to significant cost savings.

📚 Knowledge Integration: Developed a comprehensive internal knowledge base at Airbnb, streamlining processes for support agents and vendor partners, and enhancing service quality.

🚀 Strategic Growth: Devised and implemented a flexible customer experience strategy at Loom, supporting a user base expansion to 25 million in six years.

Specializing in Startup Success

Currently, I split my time between advisory roles, consulting projects and mentorship sessions.

My services range from strategic planning to hands-on training, ensuring your customer experience is a cornerstone of your business success.

Proud collaborations, clients & investments:

☕ Café | 🗓️ Amie | ✍️ Twain | 🍳 The Breakfast | 🌎 Boundless | ⚔️ Sword Health | ✨ Codacy

Get in touch 💌

Outside of consulting, I dedicate time to mentoring emerging leaders through Startup Lisboa and Portuguese Women in Tech.

I'm also involved in the Women Innovators Programme, a joint initiative with the United Nations Development Programme and 4YFN.

And if you're looking for a new role, I love to connect people. Check out my personal & confidential interest form.

🇵🇹 Based in Lisbon, working with global brands.